Hotel review : Intercontinental Yokohama pier8 — Club floor city view

  • 2020.08.16

【 Target 】・If you look for hotel which has good security.・If you are interested in Yokohama pier8.・If you want to know room service and birth day cake there.・If you are interested in club lounge there. I stayed there with my family by IHG app. Information and access It was started Autumn in 2019. It’s in HammerHead Yokohama, New intercontinental hotel. This building is 5 story and top. Hotel is second floor to 5th floor and top. Second floor has restaurant and hotel lobby, you could check in and eat lunch or dinner there. This floor has yard and Sushi restaurant. Finally, 5th floor is club floor. People who stay in 5th floor can use club lounge. Only people who have room key can enter this hotel. Hotel gate has a security system. If you forget room key in room, you couldn’t enter hotel. You should check your room key before you go to sightseeing. There are many great restaurant and shopping mall there. “World porter“, “Cup noodle museum“, “Yokohama Red Brick“, “Land mark tower and plaza” are good sightseeing place. Yellow cube is “HammerHead Yokohama”. There are 5ways to get to the hotel. ・Get on bus from Sakuragicho station.・You could walk from […]

Hotel review : Hotel Indigo Hakone-Gora, Japan

  • 2020.08.14

【 Who should read this article 】・If you want to get more information of Hotel Indigo at Hakone.・If you want to know deluxe twin hill side room.・If you want to check photos of room service and restaurant.・If you want to know good shops where is close to this hotel Today’s planReward night × 2nightwith family ※Sorry, I didn’t go to public bath in hotel. Please check other blogs or official website. Hotel information and Access Information Hotel Indigo Hakone-Gora opened on January 24th. 2020. It’s the third IHG hotel in Kanagawa prefecture, and it’s the first Indigo brand hotel in Japan. Hakone is a very old hot spring location in Japan. Gore is popular place in the Hakone area. There are many great Ryokan ( Japanese style hotels ) and regular hotels. You could easily go to the Hakone area from Tokyo by train.If you want to take the train, I recommend the Romance car by Odakyu line. It takes around one and a half hours from Shinjuku station to Hakone Yumoto station, and the fare is ¥2,080. It’s so fast and comfortable! However, YOU HAVE TO BOOK A SEAT BEFORE YOU GET ON. And sometimes they don’t have available seat on weekend. Please remember […]