Hotel review : Intercontinental Yokohama pier8 — Club floor city view

pier8 IHG

【 Target 】
・If you look for hotel which has good security.
・If you are interested in Yokohama pier8.
・If you want to know room service and birth day cake there.
・If you are interested in club lounge there.

I stayed there with my family by IHG app.

Information and access


It was started Autumn in 2019. It’s in HammerHead Yokohama, New intercontinental hotel. This building is 5 story and top. Hotel is second floor to 5th floor and top.

Second floor has restaurant and hotel lobby, you could check in and eat lunch or dinner there. This floor has yard and Sushi restaurant. Finally, 5th floor is club floor. People who stay in 5th floor can use club lounge.

Only people who have room key can enter this hotel. Hotel gate has a security system. If you forget room key in room, you couldn’t enter hotel. You should check your room key before you go to sightseeing.

There are many great restaurant and shopping mall there. “World porter“, “Cup noodle museum“, “Yokohama Red Brick“, “Land mark tower and plaza” are good sightseeing place.

Yellow cube is “HammerHead Yokohama”.

There are 5ways to get to the hotel.

・Get on bus from Sakuragicho station.
・You could walk from Minatomirai station.
・You could walk from Bashamichi station.
・You could walk Nihon-Odori station.
・Of course, you could go there by car.

I recommend second way.

You can eat lunch Land mark plaza or Yokohama grande intercontinental hotel. after that, You could do sightseeing cup noodle museum, Cosmo World, Marin and Walk, Red bricks.

Hotel review ( Lobby, others )


I took photo in front of HammerHead Yokohama. Yokohama grand intercontinental hotel in the back. Right side building is Hammer head.

I walked from Minatomirai station in this day. It took…. 10 minutes by walk, I think.


HammerHead at night. Photo isn’t clearly. Hotel entrance is right side of this building.


Doorman was in front of gate when I arrived. We couldn’t enter hotel, if doorman isn’t in front of gate. They sometimes do other work, so you have to wait them, if nobody are here.

If you could see doorman, they guide check in.


First floor ( ground ) is. It’s so cool spiral staircase!! I often see that in official hotel website.


Restaurant and Piano in front, and reception desk is right side here.


This is club house sandwiches in restaurant. I ate it in second day. It was nice.


Terrace seat is. I don’t know how to book those seat….. Could we eat lunch or dinner there??

I took photos from this seat. I have checked in when I stayed normally room last year. Hotel stuff gives tea sometimes.

Next, I’m off to third floor.


Elevator hall is. If you don’t have room key, you couldn’t open door to guest room.


The yard at night is.


Garden side room is in front. Those room has wood door in window. privacy statement is good.


Sushi restaurant here is. It’s so good style for me. Unfortunately, my family dislike Sushi and Sashimi, so I have never eaten there.

I love Sushi…..


If you have room key, you could open door to guest room. you pass this hallway and go to your room.

Hotel review ( Room and Room service )

The bathroom and toilet are separated in guest room. It’s so useful style for Japanese. Excuse me, I forgot taking photos toilet and entrance.

I stayed this room type.



Beds. Tv is behind me.

昼間 ベッドと窓際

I took this photo before check out. We could open this window. This space is so nice.


Windows side is.


City view at night is. We could see beautiful Minatomirai town.


It’s in room bar and Fridge!!

Coffee and tea are in First shelf, and fridge is in second shelf. Then, soft drink in this fridge is free! However please be careful, If you drink allophone drink or second soft drink, you have to pay money.

Wash room is beautiful.


This bathroom has space next to a bathtub for washing the body. You could watch TV from bath!! it’s a great bathroom!!

Room servicer


It was my family’s birthday. We ate room service dinner by window.


I forgot this beef steak’s name. It was ¥8,800, it’s the most expensive food in this hotel. If you order that, Pans are free.

Then, this beef steak is not small!! It was an awesome.


I ate hamburger. Room service in hotel is so delicious.


I ordered birthday cake in the morning. This chocolate says “happy birthday”. I think, you should order it before you check in.


Gyusuki-Udon. It was big!!

Beef isn’t good very much, soup was normally and noodle was good. It was good lunch for us. Price is reasonable.

Hotel review ( club lounge )


We could enter this club lounge by our room key, if we stay at club floor. Doorman guide to here, when you check in.

This club lounge is larger than Yokohama grand intercontinental hotel’s lounge. That’s good.



Is it private area?? I don’t know how to use those seat. We couldn’t use it.


Pear seat by window is.



We can enjoy Bay view. We could take a relax.



Tea time set for 2 people.

Tea, coffee or soft drink with sweets tower and scone. Tea was just TWG’s tea pack, coffee isn’t delicious too much. However sweets was really awesome.



We can eat Appetizer ( 6 items ) and hot meal ( 4 items ) at bar time. Unfortunately we don’t drink alcohol, so we didn’t take photo of alcohol menu.

朝食 オードブル

This is appetizer at breakfast. We could chose “American style” or “Japanese style”.


Japanese breakfast!! It’s normally Japanese breakfast. However, Breakfast in Strings Tokyo was better.


Omlet, Ham, sausage, vegetable….. American breakfast set is.


It’s burdock potage.



We could eat beef steak for free in this club lounge at breakfast time. Then we can get refill. Of course it’s also free!!

If we order it by room service, this price is ¥5,000…… This lounge is really amazing. Of course, beef steak we ate for dinner was better, but this beef steak was also good!

Show room

It wasn’t crowded when we stay there, so hotel stuff show some room for us. excuse me, I didn’t take photos very much.


Garden side twin, bed room is. This room is too large! If I’m child, I run in the room.

ガーデンサイド バスルーム

Bath room in garden side room. I have seen this type bathtub in Conrad Tokyo. I don’t like this view very much.

We could close wood door by window. Privacy statement is good.

コーナースイート リビング

Living room in Corner suite room is. I’ll be happy if I eat room service there.


Bathtub in corner suite room is. There is shower room by this bath.



Bed room in corner suite room is. This room type is only queen bed. Then this room has terrace. it’s so good for spring and Autumn season.

However, if you stay here by route, HammerHead’s guest can see your terrace for easily.

We couldn’t get upgrade from garden side, if we are ambassador member. Hotel has a local rule, we book only normally way.


Living room at Signature suite room is. This living room is so large!!

シグネチャースイート バスルーム

シグネチャースイート バス2

Bathroom in Signature suite room is.

We couldn’t get upgrade from corner suite room. Hotel has local rule.